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Sapphire Jewelry, Sapphire rings, Sapphire earrings

There are many ways to say Pink...

A look inside a box of crayons will reveal original descriptions such as “Tickle me Pink”, “Carnation”, “Flamingo”, and “Bubble Gum”. Shades of pink can provide the viewer with a realism of contradictions– calming shades verses electrifying hues: an innocent pink verse passionate magentas. Pinks can also reflect the mental state of the wearer– sweet, healthy, or romantic. And nothing says “Pink” better than Pink Sapphire.

Natural Pink Sapphire

Almost all of the sapphires sold today are heat treated to enhance the color of the gem. In the world of gemstones, the term “Natural” means that a gem is not treated in any way, other than cutting. “Natural Fancy Colored Sapphire” is just that– natural. The color you see is the color that your gem was born to be.

Natural Pinks from Nita Creations are available in limited quantities in three sparkling shades: Baby Pink, Flamingo Pink and Rose. Various sizes of round, oval, emerald–cut, marquise, pearl shape, square, trillion or straight baguette give you the opportunity to create dazzling jewelry designs.

Check out Nita Creations collection of sapphire rings, sapphrie earrings and sapphrie necklaces.

Additional information on Sapphires can be found on the jewelry trends blog.

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“Sapphire Jewelry, Sapphire rings, Sapphire earrings”