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Fall's Jewelry Trend

How did the heart shape become the symbol of true love? Nobody knows for certain. But, during the seventh century B.C., the city-state of Cyrene had a lucrative trade in a rare, now-extinct plant named silphium. The silphium was so important to Cyrene's economy that coins were minted that illustrated the plant's seedpod, which looks like the heart shape we know today. Theory suggests that the heart shape first became associated with sex, and eventually, with love. Ancients believed the heart contains all human passions. Regardless or its origin the heart has become the all inclusive symbol of love.

This season the heart has emerged as a key theme with designers. Jewelry designers will offer bold new sculptural and three-dimensional designs. The latest trend includes brawny rings, large pedants and bold earrings. Other heart designs include the emblem dangling from charm bracelets, drop earrings and on hefty gold link chains. The latest designs will shun the traditional pink and red colors associated with hearts for more distinct colors like blue, yellow and green. Designers have sprinkled their heart creations with diamonds, color gemstones and enamel highlights.

Nita Creations offers a huge selection of Heart pendant, Heart lockets, Heart rings, Heart Jewelry.

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“Fall's Jewelry Trend”